Rusty Letter Lights

Welcome to our ever expanding range of Rusty Letter Lights.
‘Rusty LOVE’ – we’ve diversified LOVE and now offer a rusty metal set of letters if you’re planning a retro or vintage wedding or party.  You’ll never see LOVE like it and there is no way your wedding photos will look the same as your cousins from last year!
We also now offer a range of Rusty 4ft initials, we’ve got available J&F and L&A, V&E and O&E by means of a few examples.  We’re constantly making more new rusty letter lights because we love them so much so if you have a specific set you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We’ve finished our 4ft Rusty Hashtag # which looks fab accompanying our 4ft white letter lights for example.
Now available we have a Rusty 2ft, 4FT Heart and 8FT Heart.