For all the wrong reasons 2020 has been the most memorable wedding season ever.

Whichever side of the wedding equation you are on the impact of Covid 19 on the wedding industry has been catastrophic.   We’ve seen a fair few of our competitors going bust and fear that early 2021 may be the real crunch point for the UK wedding industry.

Brides have been re-arranging their special days 2,3 even 4 times to navigate around the restrictions and avoid exposing their loved ones to the risk of infection.  It’s been a period of worry and hightened stress for wedding clients as their special days have turned into something to endure or to get through.  We’ve seen tears and heard the immortal words “I just want it done now, I’m not putting it off again”.  With such eye watering amounts of money involved with weddings now there are serious financial ramifications 

We as wedding suppliers have seen our events cancelled & postponed and replaced with a variety of government schemes and arguements with our insurers about why they still haven’t paid a single Covid claim.  Our admininstration has gone from attempting to shoe horn in more events towards a never ending cycle of postponing, confirming, postponing again and confirming again.