Mr & Mrs Letter Lights

Our MR & MRS letter lights stand at 4ft tall while the ampersand (&) stands at 3ft tall to give a wonderful contrast between the importance of the letters.  Providing you have the space, this set of lights provide a statement piece at any venue.  

All lights are finished in eggshell white and house 3W Warm White Led bulbs which are cold to the touch.   We can offer dimmable LED bulbs to help soften the tone later in the evening.

We have recently completed our new 2ft mini ‘Mr & Mrs’ if you haven’t got the space for the full sized version.  Or you can use the mini set to accompany your new surname eg Mr & Mrs WEST. 

 Because we make all of our lights in our Plymouth based workshop we now stock around 70 letters and are proud to say we offer more than just LOVE.