Celebrate your Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary

Our LOVE letter lights stand at an incredible 4ft tall and offer a truly stunning backdrop to any wedding venue.  Our LOVE lights are finished in eggshell white and house 3W Led bulbs which are cold to the touch.  

 We also have an outdoor version of LOVE, finished in white to look identical to our indoor letter lights.  This can be used as a backdrop in the gardens or as a focal point on the patio.

 ‘Rusty LOVE’ – we’ve diversified LOVE and now offer a rusty metal set of letters if you’re planning a retro or vintage wedding or party.  The housing is our own letter light font and finished in white with a rusted metal face to each letter.

Alongside LOVE

We can offer you a #, a star or a heart we even have a rusty #.
HEARTS – we now offer both a 4ft HEART and an 8ft HEART.  The 4ft is aimed at sitting alongside our standard range of indoor 4ft letters.  It can substitute the O in LOVE or the & in your initials for example. 

The 8ft HEART is really nicely finished and acts as a photo booth at weddings, both for the bride and groom and for guests to be photographed in / under.