Hire a Bar in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall

Static Bar Hire

We offer a selection of static bars that we can bring and build in your venue.

We have rustic bars for vintage and marquee based weddings and events.  We also offer a modular bar well suited for corporate events and swanky parties. 

But our real show stopper is a static bar made from plane fuselage and highly polished.  This one can be used for weddings, parties or events across the South West.

If you’d like to keep the bar outside of the venue then we offer a range of mobile bars that are trailer mounted.  

Bar Dry Hire

We can rent bars on a dry hire basis.  This is the cheapest way to hire a bar for your event or wedding but you’ll need to provide the booze and staff.  For more info on this option please either get in touch or visit our dry hire page here.

Staffed Bar Hire

We can supply bar tenders, cocktail makers and waiters / waitresses to help with your event.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Staffed and Stocked Bar Hire

We can supply the bar, staff and any alcohol and soft drink stock you require.  It sounds expensive but there is normally a deal to be done in terms of a ‘minimum spend’ arrangement.